The Initial Migration Advisory Office (MEB Office)

Migrants have the opportunity to seek advice from employees of the welfare associations.

Consultation sessions are held on Mondays from 10 am to 12 noon and Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Town Hall (Rathaus) in Room E 258.

What is the Initial Migration Advisory Office?

The first advisory office for migrants was opened on October 16, 2006 in the town hall of the City of Neuss. It was created on the initiative of the Neuss city administration, the Integration Office and various welfare associations.

According to Peter Söhngen, then First Deputy Commissioner and Head of the Social Affairs Department, Neuss was “one of the first municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia to set up such a contact point in the immediate vicinity of the Aliens’ Registration Office”.

New immigrants in particular receive initial counselling at this office. The social workers of the associations introduce the migrants to the extensive range of services offered by the independent institutions. They offer their help and information and provide assistance with placement in integration and language courses.

The Initial Migration Advisory Office (MEB) is staffed alternately by the Youth Migration Service of the International Federation and the Catholic Youth Agency in Düsseldorf, the Caritas Social Services and the Diakonisches Werk.

With the facilities directly in the town hall, the networking between the welfare associations and the administration has been strengthened.

The initial contact with the Aliens Department and the Administrative Office for Citizens is used directly for passing on information to the Advisory Office. A large proportion of those seeking help are therefore placed directly with the Migration Advisory Service.

Office Hours:

Open on Mondays from 10 am to 12 noon and
Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm

The MEB office is best reached via Town Hall (Rathaus) entrance 2 (barrier-free).
Room E.258